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Why Inbound Marketing is Overtaking Traditional Marketing Methods

March 30th, 2015

Most businesses require more than one type of Internet marketing strategy, but marketing methods are beginning to change direction. The trend in marketing is beginning to move away from traditional methods that involve finding leads and reaching out to prospective customers. Rather than continuing to focus on those outbound techniques, many marketers are now putting more effort into inbound marketing.

A growing number of businesses are building sales revenue by leaving a trail of content which allows potential customers to find them. Inbound marketing can lead targeted traffic from various sources to a website that acts as a hub for the business. It’s also effective for directing people towards using a local service or getting involved in an offline activity.

How Inbound Marketing Works

Inbound marketing works by pulling in prospects, rather than pushing out marketing material through traditional marketing methods.

Traditional methods such as advertising and direct selling are obviously trying to get people to spend money. With inbound marketing, however, it does not appear to a prospective client or customer that what the are viewing or hearing is designed to make a sale.

It’s well known in the advertising industry that there is a better chance of persuading people to make a purchase with content that does not look like an ad. When it appears to be an editorial, a video or a blog post, people who are viewing it out of interest are not feeling psychologically defensive against being pitched towards spending money.

Inbound marketing works more on mentally preparing consumers to arrive at point where they are likely to respond to a question in the affirmative. When they have discovered a solution they are prepared to purchase or order whatever it is they now believe is required.

Most people automatically try to block out anything that looks promotional or is obviously some form of advertising, but consumers who are actively looking to buy something can be led to what they want from a review posted on a blog, a video they have just viewed or an ebook they have read.

Inbound Marketing Strategies

The following techniques can all be used for effective inbound marketing:

  • Content Marketing
  • SEO
  • Blogging
  • Lead Generation
  • Social Media
  • Analytics
  • & more


How Effective is Inbound Marketing?

The reason why more marketers are changing direction to focus on drawing visitors from content that can be found on blogs, websites and social media is because it’s proven to be more effective. Using SEO in combination with these Internet marketing strategies brings a website or a business to the attention of people who are looking for the precise information, type of product or service it can provide.

When people find helpful content through a search engine, via social media or on a blog, they do not regard it in the same way as they would a promotional email or paid advertising. By the time they arrive at a website from a link they have found for themselves, visitors are already interested in using the service or making a purchase.


5 Google Analytics Tips For Beginners

March 26th, 2015

Google Analytics

So, you’ve signed up to Google Analytics in order to get the most from your website, but if you’ve not got experience of running a website or online marketing the complex features can be daunting. That’s why we’ve got 5 great tips that’ll help you get the most out of the program and help you ensure that you know how to improve traffic to your website.

  1. Check Your Tracking ID Is Working

GA Tracking Code Working

First things first, Google Analytics can only track your site if you’ve got tracking code embedded in each page. You can easily check it under “Tracking Info” -> “Tracking Code”. Make sure that the status is “Receiving Data“.   If not, you might have to check it again if it is inserted wrongly or get your web developer to assist in it.


  1. Look Out For Traffic And Get Acquainted

Before we start to use Google Analytics to assess things you need to check that people are visiting your site. It’s also a great way to familiarize yourself with how Analytics works. Start by looking at your traffic sources. This is split into three categories – Direct (people who typed your URL into their address bar), Referring (From a link) and Search Engine (from Google or Bing etc). You can also find out how to utilize Google Adwords to enhance your traffic, and monitor how this is working.


  1. Check Your Visitors’ Profile

It’s remarkable what you can find out by checking where your users come from and how they made it on to your site. Look under the “GEO” tab under “Audience” to do this. It can be vital both for marketers and publishers in finding out exactly who they appeal to. You can even find out what people in different parts of the world are searching for when visiting your site – getting the right keywords is critical to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and knowing who’s looking for is incredibly useful.


  1. Check Visitors’ Behavior

One of the great things about Analytics is that it can tell you exactly how your users visit your site, you can find out how long they spend on each page, which pages they click through to and even how far they read down a specific page. Working out how users behave on a site can help you design it for the better and ensure you maximize traffic or sales.


  1. Play Around And Discover New Things

We don’t know about you, but when we first used Analytics we found looking at who our users were and how they behaved fascinating. Probably the best way of discovering exactly how you’ll utilize Analytics is to play around yourself and look at what things you find interesting – do you have loads of fans in a specific state? Does everyone go on your site during lunch hour? Playing around and observing is the best way to learn!


September 7th, 2014

Now, businesses are competing against one another to gain the market share. To become an established business and have good reputation in the business world, effective marketing strategies are needed to support the development of the business. There are various forms of the strategies; distributing flyers, advertising on the public newspapers, journals and magazines, broadcasting advertisements on the television channels, putting advertisements on the Facebook pages and website pages, doing product promotion and advertising on billboards.

Marketing and AvertisingAmong them, distributing flyers is one of the oldest marketing strategies and it is now used as a form of marketing. Some businesses usually attach the flyers of their products to local daily newspapers and some hand out the flyers in person. No matter which strategies are used, the most important point is to choose the right target audience. One of the world’s leading authorities on Marketing, Philip Kotler said: “Marketing is getting the right goods and services to the right people at the right places at the right time at the right price with the right communications and promotion.” For example, a Study Abroad Agency goes for promoting at the Fun Fair of a school. In this scenario, this agency chose the right target audience at the right place but not the right time. The students from that school were only interested in their School’s Fun Fair.

If this fair was the Education Fair, the scenario would inversely change. The exhibitors who come to the Fair have their willingness to know about the current educational trend and what are needed to study abroad. At that Fair, the Study Abroad Agency can promote their services. The best way of promoting products or services at a fair is distributing flyers to exhibitors and it is also the most effective way. Flyer is a type of media to communicate information of products or services to customers. Through flyers not only the businesses can introduce and promote their products and services but also the customers can have information of their products and services.

Sometimes, distributing flyers to passers-by can be seen. This way cannot help to attract the customers’ attention but it can make them annoyed. When they hand out flyers on the street, some people pretend not to see the flyer-distributors and most of the people take them and throw them along the street. Sometimes, flyers are clipped to the bell-ropes of houses. These ways of distributing flyers waste both finance of business, effort and paper. In addition, the streets and the roads are littered with flyers and they make land polluted. In the present time, all people around the world are facing the challenge of climate changes and natural disasters. The major causes of them are land, air, water pollutions. Therefore, people should run their businesses through the environmental-damage-free process.

As mentioned above, a form of marketing, distributing flyers accelerates the business development in its own way. To hand out flyers, the most important point is to choose the target audience at the right time at the right places for the right services. Jump to the advanced level, on-line marketing at